On the ground

The buzzing sound of flying insects is called the wing beat frequency. This is just one of many features detected by our stationary sensor technology – the Volito.

In the cloud

All data from the Volito is uploaded to our cloud database. Here we use machine learning and AI to differentiate the specific insect species from each other using the species-specific fingerprints of each insect that flies in front of the sensor on the ground. This creates an enormous pool of insect activity data.  

At your fingertips

All our Volito’s generate data which is converted to overviews and insights easily accessible via our customer user portal.  The data in the portal, depending on the product selection, is updated approximately every 30 minutes.   

Data packages

As of today, we provide four different data packages:
1) Total insect activity
2) Specific species activity
3) Insect groups
4) Biodiversity and biomass


The technology can be used across different sectors including agriculture, biodiversity and public health. Separately we are working on sensors for use in Aquaculture.

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