FaunaPhotonics is among 12 of the most innovative startups from around the world

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide startup competition for early-stage science and deeptech entrepreneurs. It is a non-profit organization established in 2011 that tries to unlock deep-tech to solve the world’s problems. The non-profit sources collaborations between entrepreneurs, industries and investors to take the inventions from lab to the market.  They organize competitions, mentorship programs and events all around the world.   

They started the global challenge is specifically to help early stage start-up companies in tech.  The global challenge has major companies as partners for the contest including Bayer.   There were twelve tracks in the contest in 2019 and we competed and in the food and agriculture track.  Each track has one winner of  and the thirteen winners, one from each category will then compete to be the winner of the global challenge. In 2019 the Global Challenge saw a record of 4,500 applications from 119 countries.  

In the Global Challenge 2019 we won the track in food and agriculture. We were proud to win such a prestigious title of best early-stage startup in food and agriculture.  Our director and co-founder Frederik Taarnhøj represented us in the competition. He did a short presentation on the company and our ideology, to see this click here.

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