Monitoring sea lice

The development objective in this project is to provide fish farms a sensor that will detect the presence of the parasite larvae, long before they start to attach to the fish or become a production problem. As monitoring and treatment is targeted towards the adult parasite today, the knowledge gained from our system could potentially improve preventive treatment, planning and working models.

It is estimated that the cost of control, treatment and reduced growth of infected fish in the salmon farming industry is a yearly expense of €300 million.

Knowledge of the larval stages are normally obtained by manual sampling with water pumps or nets which is time-consuming and potentially unprecise. We hope to change this with real-time monitoring and predictions of development, also targeting the fear that infections will spread to wild populations of trout and salmon.

Specifically working with aquaculture is co-founder of FaunaPhotonics and CEO of FaunaPhotonics Aquaculture, Frederik Taarnhøj.

Stories and Cases on sea lice

Sensing salmon lice larvae with lasers

Through the past 3 years we have been working on a PhD with Josefine Nielsen and DTU Aqua understanding the potentials of our sensor technology in detecting …