Bayer and FaunaPhotonics collaboration

Bayer and FaunaPhotonics has entered a three-year research collaboration to develop new sensor solutions to improve monitoring of insect pests in agriculture.

Farmers are facing the challenge of effectively controlling insect pests, as well as protecting beneficials and pollinators. To be able to protect the beneficial insects better, monitoring is needed.  “Collaboration with an external partner such as FaunaPhotonics gives us insight into new innovations and technologies that will help us advance our digital farming operations,” said Marion McPherson, Managing Director of Bayer A / S and Bayers Crop Science division in North. “New sensor solutions can deliver data directly to our Digital Farming software and will enable farmers to make faster and better decisions in relation to a more targeted use of plant protection products. Knowing what is going on in the field makes the farmer’s life easier, ensures the harvest, increases the yield and protects pollinators”.

Pests cause significant crop losses, and pest control has always been considered a difficult challenge. This is because data on pests is not exact and it is hard to monitor.  Normal monitoring techniques involve a farmer or consulting agency to set up different traps which need to be checked. This is both time-consuming and expensive for the farmer to conduct.

The new sensor FaunaPhotonics is developing will be automated and record what insects are where and when.

Bayer and FaunaPhotonics are convinced that the collaboration to develop a sensor-based digital solution that ensures effective and accurate monitoring of insects, including forecasting, will be of great benefit to farmers worldwide. The collaboration is entitled “Agronomic pest mitigation & non-target effects mitigation strategies using in-field light detection and ranging (LIDAR) based aerial-fauna detection.”

 Link to press release in danish

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