Board of Directors formed in FaunaPhotonics

We are proud to have five highly competent professionals join our Board of Directors.  The board of directors will help ensure the prosperity of the company and in keeping the interest of the shareholders alive. Having a board helps us establish goals to further develop our product and paving the way for putting it on the market.

Our chairman will be David Hardwick who has been Development Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, Marketing Product Manager and co-founder/leader/CEO of several startup laser and fiber optics companies for the past 47 years. Having participated in the laser and optics business since 1960 he adds significant insight to the Board which can help us with our endeavors. Professor Jes Broeng co-founded Crystal Fibre (now NKT Photonics) and has expert knowledge in high-tech entrepreneurship. Michael Stanley Pedersen is VP of Sales & Marketing in NKT Photonics and has significant experience from insect related fields given his previous background as Chief Development Office in Vestergaard Frandsen. Niels Korsholm and Anders Geert Jensen both bring experience as senior level managers, entrepreneurs and investors.

We look forward to collaborating with the board.

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