Speaking at the Sensors in Food and Agriculture conference

FaunaPhotonics participated in the 3rd annual Sensors in Food and Agriculture conference at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. This conference had three main topics: sensors for crop production, sensors for food quality , and sensors for animal welfare. The conference had different presentations of poster displays, exhibitions and panel discussions.

Klas Ryhdmer represented our company at the conference. The talk was titled “Non-intrusive insect monitoring using LIDAR, from counting to classification.”  He discussed the different aspects of the technology the company has developed. He explained how it works and what we do.

Isobel Ashbey a representative from Cambridge Consultants wrote  “My favourite talk of the day (and not just because it concerned insects rather than wheat fungi…) came from FaunaPhotonics ApS. They have developed a system that detects flying insects by shining an invisible laser across a crop field and looking at the tiny reflections that return from the insects.” 

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