Christian Motzfeldt joins FaunaPhotonics Board of Directors.

FaunaPhotonics is proud to welcome Christian Motzfeldt onto our board of directors.

Christian Motzfeldt comes with extensive experience in financing of growth companies. He was the CEO of the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden) for almost two decades. Since 2019 he has done board work as chairman of the Board at Better Energy, greenland Holding, Denmark Bridge and YooNoon and vice chairman at Area9 Lyceum. Earlier in his career he was director in the Ministry of Business, Copenhagen, Vice President in Dnaske Bank and Economist in the European Commission and the Danish Central Bank.

CEO Michael Stanley looks forward to working with Christian on the future development of the company. “Christian comes with great experience in growth companies from his time in the Danish Growth Fund. This will be important when working on financing the growth of FaunaPhotonics” says Michael. “His large network will be extremely valuable when looking into the financing future of the company”.

When speaking to Christian Motzfeldt on why he wants to join the board for FaunaPhotonics, he points specifically to the company’s great growth potential. “FaunaPhotonics is a company of great significance” Says Christian Motzfeldt, “it’s a company with a technology and business plan that can be upscaled and brought to the world with high impact. Many things in the world make sense, but not all have upscaling potential.”  

“I have worked with growth companies for almost 2 decades in the Growth Fund and it is always exciting to work with ideas and people that can have the potential to change the games and grow their business worldwide”

Discussing the possibilities of FaunaPhotonics’ technology to make a difference in changing the world for the better, Christian Motzfeldt points out the importance of new solutions making sense economically as well as for the environment. “For green solutions to make a significant impact globally they must be scalable and profitable. Cutting back on consumption does not solve our problems, so the green solutions must go hand in hand with economic development”.

According to Christian himself he will in particular bring knowledge and competencies within financing and organizational development of the company to the Board. “For growth companies with strictly limited resources it is imperative to focus on the most important stuff in every phase of the growth. To grow new technology-based companies is basically about testing well defined hypotheses as fast and cheap as possible. This is what the Board should help management with”.

We here at FaunaPhotonics look forward to having Christian aboard with all his knowledge and experience, and “Most importantly” says Michael, “We see Christian as an important addition to the already strong board of FaunaPhotonics”.

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