Michael Stanley Pedersen |CEO

Michael has great experience in successfully growing companies and top management within the public health, chemical and photonics segment.

Prior to FaunaPhotonics he was the vice president of sales and marketing at NKT Photonics (2011-2018) and chief development officer at Vestergaard (2006-2011).

He holds a PhD in physics from the Danish Technical University (DTU) and an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

In his spare time Michael enjoys playing tennis. Further Michael is an active musician with his main instruments being bass and guitar.

Frederik Taarnhøj | Co-founder

Frederik is an entrepreneur with expertise in business development, recruiting, fund raising and corporate / start-up collaboration. Frederik has a passion for finding opportunities for FaunaPhotonics, entrepreneurship, environment and biology.

He holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management (2008-2010).

In his spare time Frederik enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, sports and playing music.

Jesper Lemmich |CTO

Jesper is competent in leading innovation activities from the design phase to commercial products. Previously Jesper has headed large R&D organizations in Haldor Topsoe and further has experience within the photonics industry from his time with NKT Photonics.

He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark and an HD (B. Com) from Copenhagen Business School.

In his spare time Jesper enjoys family activities, yoga, travelling and writing.

Flemming Rasmussen |COO

Flemming is our project, product, “a bit of everything” management person with a strong technical background. Joined FP in 2016 and has been part of the early growth of the company.

Prior to FaunaPhotonics He was Technical Director/ CEO at Radio Frequency Systems DK (2001-2011).

He holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering.

In his spare time Flemming is fond of vintage cars, good food and wine.

Anders Handlos Grauslund |CFO

Anders joined FaunaPhotonics in 2019 and brings more than 10 years of financial management, operations, and transaction experience to the company. His responsibilities include: managing the financial and legal aspects of firm operations; business structure management; financing, liquidity and investor engagement; financial reporting, tax, treasury, and compliance oversight.

Prior to joining FaunaPhotonics, Anders spent 2 years as Investment Manager at a seed investment and acceleration company, and before he was in senior technology roles at Ørsted New Bio Solutions. Anders holds an HD in Finance from Copenhagen Business School and an MSc in Biotechnology from The University of Copenhagen.

In his spare time Anders enjoys reading, cooking and drinking healthy amounts of good wine.

Kevin James Knagg |Commercial Director

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in international business, including the last 11 years within global agriculture as part of MariboHillehög, a global supplier of sugar beet seed, most recently as Commercial Director.  He joins our company as Business development Director with responsibility for developing and maintaining commercial leads and driving new business growth.   

He holds an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Lancaster. 

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys swimming, football and travelling.

Meet our team

We are a passionate and interdisciplinary group of engineers, data analysts, agronomists and biologists working to develop better ways to monitor insects. Our team is developing cutting-edge optical remote sensing tools setting new standards for monitoring of insects. By combining scientific and engineering skills with the expertise of international partners we aim to ensure increased commercial availability of remote sensing technology in agriculture, biodiversity, public health and aquaculture.

Alfred Strand |Development Engineer

Alfred works with development of hardware. Specifically, with inventing, optimizing and testing optical configurations used for monitoring insects. He also […]

Anders Skov |Agricultural Intern

Anders assists commercial and agronomy outreach activities, promoting FaunaPhotonics products and services to Danish farmers, assisting in the creation of […]

Brittany Beck |Agricultural Intern

Brittany is our literature researcher, laboratory assistant and agricultural hand. Brittany is studying a M.Sc. in agriculture at The University […]

Emily Bick |Postdoctoral Fellow

Emily splits her time between the University of Copenhagen and FaunaPhotonics. Focusing on an Innovation Fund grant project entitled “Optimization […]

Kiri Miyaca Fløistrup |Agronomist

Kiri has a background in environmental science, focusing on pollinators, beneficials and pest insects in agricultural and horticultural crops. She […]

Klas Rydhmer |Industrial PhD

Klas works with analysis of insect data, machine learning, software and hardware development. In January 2020 he began an industrial […]

Knud Poulsen |Software Engineer

Knud develops highly reliable core software for the newest generation of our sensor. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing software.   He received both […]

Lasse Damm |Project manager

Lasse oversees the development of the 6th generation of the FaunaPhotonics sensor as well as finalizing the current 5th generation. […]

Laurence Still |Data analyst

Laurence works with collection, analysis and management of data. He is a data scientist working with analysis of LIDAR data […]

Ludvig Malmros |Data Analyst

Ludvig works with acquisition and analysis of insect data. He is a Data Scientist developing insect species prediction models, clustering […]

Nikolaj Sheller |Software Engineer

Nikolaj is integrating the company’s hardware solutions with the cloudinfrastructure and machine learning backend.He has a good understanding of, and […]

Pia Jensen |Controller

Pia manages salary payments, accounting and administration, she has done this for the past 6 years in small start-ups. Pia […]

Rámi El-Rashid |Data Analyst

Rami works with data analysis and data flows. He develops algorithms and tools for insect classification using machine learning models, […]

Rubens Luciano |Development Engineer

Rubens works with IoT device sensors, off-grid power systems, energy harvesting systems and environment sensor development. Prior to FaunaPhotonics he […]

Sarah Shaw |Financial Controller

Sarah is part of the company accounting process, reporting to CFO, Anders Handlos Grauslund working with bookkeeping, VAT reporting, organising […]

Board members

David Hardwick |Chairman

Held positions as Development Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, Marketing Product Manager and leader/CEO. Co-founded several companies incl. Auxora Photonics, Confluent Photonics and IPG Photonics.

Torben Ladegaard |Vice Chair

Previously CEO, COO and now Senior Advisor to FOSS. FOSS has grown revenue from DKK 0.5 bn to more than DKK 2 bn in the period Torben has been in top management

Jes Broeng |Board member

Co-founder of Crystal Fibre (sold in 2008, now NKT Photonics). Professor at DTU Fotonik. Ph.D. and M.Sc. from DTU. Author and co-author of more than 300 publications, 1 textbook, and 15 patents (8000+ citations)

Frederik Taarnhøj |Board member

Co-founder of FaunaPhotonics. M&A experience from Goldman Sachs, Booz Allen Hamilton and Danske Bank, MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, 2010

Christian Motzfeldt |Board member

Chairman of the Board at Better Energy, Greenland Holding, Denmark Bridge and YooNoon. Vice chairman at area9 Lyceum. Previously CEO of the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden) for almost two decades, director in the Ministry of Business, Copenhagen, Vice President in Danske Bank and Economist in the European Commission and the Danish Central Bank.