FaunaPhotonics is considered Green and Clean Tech

Being cleantech or greentech is any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts. It is important for new businesses to not contribute negatively to the environment. Our company like many others strive to be green and clean.

We have been apart of multiple contests and conferences surrounding green and clean tech.

In 2015 we were a winner at the European Venture Contest as Top 5 Cleantech Ventures in Europe. This is a major event with more than 100 entrepreneurs and also 100+ venture investors. 120 finalists of this event are reviewed by a top Selection Committee and the 25 best startups are awarded.

Also in 2015 we were considered one of the top 25 Nordic Cleantech companies from the Nordic Cleantech Open. The Nordic Cleantech Open tries to help start-ups in cleantech and “aims to highlight the new innovative cleantech startups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. In each competition cycle, the Top 25 most exciting and promising companies are chosen by our jury.” The jury determines the most innovative cleantech solutions based on their level of innovation, market potential and team. Nordic Cleantech Open, has a prominent set of jury members, all with extensive cleantech experience and knowledge. The jury members come from many large and well known companies. The top 25 startups are invited to pitch in Sweden. Only the most promising among Nordic Cleantech Startups can make it all the way to the top 25.

We won IBM Cloud SME Award at the Green Tech Challenge in 2015. Green Tech Challenge has a vision about a greener and more sustainable world. The program offers a two week rapid growth program for 20 carefully selected green companies. The companies receive training and mentoring and will pitch in front of industry VIPs and investors.

We are proud to be considered a cleanteach and greentech company.

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