FaunaPhotonics chosen to be part of John Deere 2020 Startup Collaborator program.

On January 23rd 2020 John Deere announced the participants of the second round of their Startup Collaborator program. FaunaPhotonics is one of 4 startup companies to take part in this program during 2020. The other three companies are DataFarm, Fieldin and EarthSense. All, as FaunaPhotonics, working to transform agriculture.

A dialog with the California based startup Blue River Technology, acquired as subsidiary by John Deere in 2017, led to a small field trial with John Deere in the summer of 2019.

FaunaPhotonics was invited to Iowa to show John Deere the potential of the sensor technology on pest insects that can cause large yield losses in crops. The foundation for being part of the Startup Collaborator program was established.

Throughout the growing season of 2020, FaunaPhotonics, in close collaboration with John Deere, will be working further with these initial studies and other pest insects in the US including understanding how to use the John Deere organization and partners for commercialization in the US.

“The overall aim of this collaboration is to understand how our hardware and software technologies can be coupled with John Deere systems”, says Michael Stanley Pedersen, CEO at FaunaPhotonics. 

Understanding how our technology can be connected to John Deere technology, will be a major part in bringing FaunaPhotonics closer to the goal of mobile sensors on robots, tractors or drones.

 “Our vision is that the technology can be attached directly to farming equipment”, says Michael Stanley Pedersen. “We are working on mobile sensors, where insect activity is measured in the field in front of for instance a tractor, sending data directly to spray nozzles to open or close when necessary. Leading to further reduction in the amount of insecticides used. Perhaps even leaving parts of the field completely unsprayed”.

In 2020 our first commercial product will be launched in Denmark, scaling up in 2021 towards a launch in the international market as well”, says Michael Stanley Pedersen.

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