FaunaPhotonics receives Innobooster funds to help with field testing and development of our 5th generation sensor

In September 2019 FaunaPhotonics was granted 1.4 million DKK from Innobooster, part of the Danish Innovationsfonden. This will help us complete our goals for the next 18 months. The Innobooster subsidy is granted to innovative companies that want to develop and market a new product. This subsidy helps in lowering the risk of starting a new project by backing the project without the need of monetary returns. The Innobooster will cover 1/3rd of the funding for this project. Leaving the rest to be funded by FaunaPhotonics itself. For our company the InnoBooster subsidy will support test and adaption of our 5th generation insect sensor. It will also help in building 7 functional sensors that will be tested in the 2020 spring field trials in winter oilseed rape (OSR). These tests will give valuable information to develop fully functional sensor products adapted for winter OSR. 

The project will focus on developing the backend software required to translate insect registration events to be recognized as specific insect data. This software will be developed further by performing field trials focused on the pollen beetle, stem weevil and pod midge, all important pests in winter OSR. Sensor data will be compared with traditional observations via traps as well as assessments of plant damage caused by insect pests in the field trials.

The current way of deciding when to treat with an insecticide is based on thresholds using traps and plant damage. So, it is important to test how the new sensor technique correlates with current methods. We are working towards establishing thresholds and statistically significant day-to-day growth trends to guide farmers on when to spray. This project helps us in establishing thresholds as well as integration of these with precision farming software.

The funding also allowed us to hire new team members to help us achieve these goals. We will post updates when we have accomplished different parts of this project. 

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