The story of FaunaPhotonics


Lab and field tests are scaled up both in the United Kingdom at Rothamsted Research and in Denmark with SEGES (Knowledge Centre for Agriculture). FaunaPhotonics starts collaborating with new technology test partners in the USA.


FaunaPhotonics brings in professional management team.


Extensive lab and field tests conducted primarily in the United Kingdom at Rothamsted Research.


Full-time technical team formed. FaunaPhotonics starts working with scientific partners on pollinators (bees) in Denmark and vectors (malaria mosquitoes) in Tanzania and enters into 3-year R&D collaboration with Bayer AG and Rothamsted Research (UK).


FaunaPhotonics goes through two rounds of private investor funding and secures three R&D grants to carry out proof-of-concept tests of the technologies. This is done in collaboration with universities and research centres in three different application areas: malaria mosquito surveillance, detection and deterrence of birds in wind farms, and digital farming.


FaunaPhotonics is founded by Frederik Taarnhøj (entrepreneur), Mikkel Brydegaard Sørensen (researcher) and Carsten Kirkeby (researcher). The technology originates from Lund Laser Centre. The company starts very precariously, but after entering a local tech-accelerator program started by the Technical University of Denmark and securing their first patent with the help of advisory board members, the company is born.