Innovation Post doc – Modelling and monitoring

In January 2020 Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Emily Bick started a 2-year project in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and FaunaPhotonics, funded in part by the Danish Innovationsfonden. The working title of the project is: The optimization of agricultural pest management strategies by combining modelling and digital insect monitoring.

The project aims to reduce the overuse of pesticides in agriculture by combining modelling and digital insect monitoring. Knowledge about insect activity and spatial distribution in a field allows growers to make informed management decisions. This project combines FaunaPhotonics’ novel light sensor for insect detection with Dr. Bick’s entomological knowledge and modelling skillset to better map insect location and density in agriculture.

The project looks at canola as a model system and the world-distributed economic pest Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) (CSFB).

Bick is excited about taking existing modelling techniques and applying them in real-time to FaunaPhotonics innovative sensor, predicting pest densities and immature distributions, therefore increasing the usefulness of the sensor.

Overall, we aim to use this knowledge in our monitoring solutions, reducing insecticide usage by being able to target a pest when and where an intervention is needed.

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