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Global Finalists for the world-renowned #HTChallenge!

We’re proud to announce that we have been selected as @hellotmrc Global Finalists for the world-renowned #HTChallenge! From 4,500 applications, we are one of the 6 Finalists in the Food, Agriculture and Environment track pitching at the #HTSummit in Paris on March 14-15th. More on the event here -> https://hello-tomorrow.org/summit

Cambridge Consultants – Multispectral imaging in agriculture

FaunaPhotonics mentioned in Cambridge Consultants that participated in Sensors in Food and Agriculture conference at the John Innes Centre, Norwich.

Quote: “My favourite talk of the day (and not just because it concerned insects rather than wheat fungi…) came from FaunaPhotonics ApS. They have developed a system that detects flying insects by shining an invisible laser across a crop field and looking at the tiny reflections that return from the insects.” (by Isobel Ashbey, Cambridge Consultants)

Link: https://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/insights/multispectral-imaging-agriculture

New CTO in FaunaPhotonics

Our new CTO, Thomas Nikolajsen; his first day on the job was Wednesday 1st August 2018. Thomas has years of experience in technology and business development. His last role was Head of Research at FOSS (2017-2018), before that CEO of Soft Flow Hungary (a FOSS company). A total of nine years at FOSS in various development positions. From 2005-2009 Senior Scientist in Crystal Fibre A/S in a team working on fiber laser modules. Results span bringing several technologies from the lab to commercially available solutions. Ph.D. in Physics and Optics and M.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics. Please wish Thomas the very best.

FaunaPhotonics attracts significant investment from foreign investors

FaunaPhotonics raised DKK 6.4 million (USD 1 million) from private investors in July 2018, the fourth capital injection since the company was founded in 2014. The new investment round includes an American private investor from the wealthy E.W. Scripp’s family, which according to Forbes, has a net worth of more than USD 7 billion. FaunaPhotonics CEO, Michael Stanley Pedersen, is looking forward to the possibilities with the new investment.

“This investment opens up for possibilities to hire additional technical and commercial resources. Our commercial and technical cooperation with leading international companies requires that we have the best possible technical team in place. Our commercial activities bring more and more opportunities and we need a strong team to lift these in the time horizon and with the quality required.”

The management team is in dialogue with several international venture capital funds, as it is the plan to secure a major investment to further strengthen the company. FaunaPhotonics works with patented laser technology for digitalization of insects observed in agricultural fields and other relevant areas. It is expected that the newly developed insect sensor technology will lead to improvements in insect pest control in agriculture, reduction in insecticide use and more sustainable food production. FaunaPhotonics works closely with leading international companies such as Bayer and BASF, in precision farming to spread the concept globally. In addition, FaunaPhotonics’s has activities in the Public Health segment for monitoring and classifying disease-bearing insects, including malaria, and in the aqua culture segment primarily with focus on salmon lice in salmon farming.

Data Analyst joins FaunaPhotonics

Our new Data Analyst, Ludvig Malmros; his first day on the job was 1st July 2018. He will be working with LIDAR data analysis and software development. Ludvig did his M.Sc. thesis with FaunaPhotonics from Jan.-Jun. 2018. M.Sc. degree Lund University in Electrical Engineering.

Our CTO Jord Prangsma on to new challenges

Our CTO Jord Prangsma is moving back to The Netherlands beginning of June 2018. Jord, we are going to miss you. We very quickly realized that you are a very bright man able to engage in topics ranging from fundamental physics to biology and business. It has been a real pleasure engaging with you in all kinds of situations and discussions. Keep in touch and thank you for all of your efforts.

Welcoming our new CEO – Michael Stanley Pedersen

Our new CEO, Michael Stanley Pedersen; his first day was Friday 1st June 2018. As he assumes his new role as CEO, he will step out of the Board of Directors as of 1st June 2018. Michael brings significant experience. His last role was as Vice President Sales & Marketing in NKT Photonics A/S (2011-2018), before that Chief Development Officer in Vestergaard Frandsen S.A. (2006-2011). Michael has worked in a broad range of business areas with top positions within the technical and commercial part of organisations. Holds an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School, a PhD in Physics and an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Please wish Michael the very best. Frederik, our co-founder and leader since the start of our adventure will focus on new opportunities as our Director – Strategy & New Business Development.


Our Student Assistant Pascal Herren on to new tasks

Our Student Assistant Pascal Herren is moving back to Switzerland. As of end of May 2018 he will no longer be with FaunaPhotonics. It has been a true pleasure working with you Pascal. We wish you the best of luck in your new job.

Our Data Analyst Mikkel Jensen moving on

Our Data Analyst Mikkel Jensen is moving on to new challenges beginning of May 2018. We very quickly realized that you are a sharp man able to think creatively and analytically. It has been a real pleasure engaging with you in all kinds of situations and discussions. Keep in touch and thank you for all of your efforts.

Data Analyst Klas Rydhmer presents at Plantekongres 2018

Results from two pollinator monitoring campaigns were presented. FaunaPhotonics has worked for Århus University in 2016 and 2017 studying spatio-temporal distribution of pollinators in white clover in Denmark.

Our team at the Bayer R&D pipeline booth at Agritechnica November 2017

FaunaPhotonics presented the insect sensor technology to booth visitors at the Bayer Digital Farming booth. Bayer was launching the new digital farming brand xarvio at the fair. Visitors could learn about Bayer’s innovative solutions such as the Field Manager and the Scouting App marketed by Bayer.



Smart Innovation project with DTU VET

In November 2017, FaunaPhotonics started a collaboration with DTU National Veterinary Institute. In the project we are working with an entomologist and a statistician on two topics a) design of experiments in the laboratory and field settings and b) development and validation of methods for insect species klassifikation. Further, FaunaPhotonics will be working with other partners in the Smart Innovation program to adjust and refine the plan to bring the insect sensor to the agricultural market.


Data Analyst Klas Rydhmer giving talk at Optopub in Lund

We all know the annoying sound mosquitoes make. You cannot only hear this sound you can actually also see it. At FaunaPhotonics we develop remote optical sensor technology and methods that allow us to observe the wing beats of flying insects at up to several hundred meters distance. We apply this tool for monitoring insects in agriculture and malaria control. In the talk, Klas gives a general overview of how the technique works and what it can be used for. FaunaPhotonics is a start-up based on the ideas of Mikkel Brydegaard (Lund University).

Student Assistant Pascal Herren joins FaunaPhotonics

Pascal is a M.Sc. student of agriculture at University of Copenhagen. He is from Switzerland and has experience from the Swizz Bee Research Center in Bern and the Swizz Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Bolivia. We are happy to have you on the team.