Niels Kragh Blume Dahl | Mechanical Engineer

At FaunaPhotonics Niels is responsible for our CAD (3D model and technical drawings) and thus implementing design changes to the mechanical assembly when these arise. He is strong in advanced 3D modelling and numerical simulation in combination with rapid prototyping with the purpose of accelerating a products technology readiness level as fast as possible.

Niels holds a diploma engineering degree in mechanical engineering and during his studies he has worked on numerous projects for his own company, developing and inventing all sorts of mechanisms. Some of these resulted in international business meetings with many established multi-billion-dollar companies, such as Zeiss, DMG Mori, Okuma, NSK, THK etc. This has also led to Niels being in the google patents database. At the moment Niels is finishing his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

In his spare time Niels enjoys Power lifting and Olympic weight lifting.

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