Production Engineer

We are looking for a Production Engineer with experience in bringing products from R&D to production, including logistics and building assembly and test facilities.

FaunaPhotonics is developing cloud connected sensor products for agriculture and biodiversity applications, setting new standards for monitoring of insects. Tools that will lead to better decision support in plant protection. By combining hardware, data analytics, machine learning and engineering skills with the expertise of international partners and players in agriculture, we will commercialize insect monitoring solutions internationally.

We are looking for a Production Engineer experienced in, and highly motivated by the field between R&D and production, including testing of hardware. Working at FaunaPhotonics you will be an integrated part of a very diverse, dynamic and fast-moving team spanning competences within sensors, electronics, software, machine learning, biology, agronomy and business development.

As Production Engineer at FaunaPhotonics, you will be a central part of our hardware team. Your responsibilities will span the entire range from recommending manufacturable solutions in the product design to designing test and assembly line for the product. All subassemblies, mechanical as well as PCB manufacturing will be made by sub suppliers and control of and interaction with these is part of the job. Active participation in the assembly and test process is also expected.

Your Profile

  • You most likely have an engineering background
  • You have at least 5 years of experience working in a company with own R&D and manufacturing
  • Experience in testing of electronic / optical instruments
  • Experience in production logistics / supply chain management from sub supplier to final customer including documentation and data logging in all steps
  • If you have experience with calibration and standardisation of measuring equipment it would be great
  • It will be an advantage if you have worked with scientists and highly skilled R&D people

Personal Skills:

  • Self-motivator with a strong drive to keep the goal in focus
  • Team player with good social and communication skills
  • Structured and analytical

FaunaPhotonics will enable the farmer to decrease insecticide use by targeting insect pests more effectively. Do you want to be part of solving the challenge of feeding 10 billion people through sustainable agricultural practices? If you have a burning passion for bringing disruptive solutions to the marketplace and changing farming practices towards sustainable solutions, we would love to hear from you.

For more information on the position, please contact COO, Flemming Rasmussen at [email protected]

Please submit your application to [email protected]

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