Spring field campaign partner VKST writes about our technology and future perspectives

In the spring of 2019, we partnered with VKST and SEGES, both agriculture advising services, for a campaign conducted in oil seed rape in Denmark on the island of Zealand. This collaboration was used to compare trap data with data gathered by the FaunaPhotonics insect sensor. The study was conducted to determine correlation between sensor and catch data.  

The main pests in oilseed rape in the spring in Denmark are pollen beetles, stem weevil, seed weevil and pod midges. During the season the traps caught these pests, flies, bees and other beneficial insects. The traps were emptied throughout the study period and the contents were identified to order level. The pests were classified to species level and the other species were classified to the best level known. Later, the insects will be classified to family and species level. This will be helpful in giving better correlations to the sensor data. 

VSKT wrote about the 2019 spring field campaign and the future perspectives of our technology in Danish agriculture. It’s in Danish but the google translation is pretty solid. To read the article click here 

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