Syngenta and FaunaPhotonics praise biodiversity initiatives and ideas present in Danish agriculture.

Biodiversity is on everyone’s agenda these days and for a good reason. For the past couple of years media has been full of stories about insect decline, fewer insects on car windows in the summer and problems getting enough pollinators for agricultural crops. According to the 2019 Global Risks Report, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse is considered one of the ten greatest risks facing society today. Since 1970, the world has lost 60% of its global vertebrate population, and more than 40% of insect species are declining rapidly and are at risk of extinction.

Following the new EU biodiversity strategy “Bringing nature back into our lives”, Syngenta Nordic and FaunaPhotonics have started a new initiative focusing on biodiversity in Danish agriculture.

The greatest factor in insect decline is habitat changes by humans, when we build cities or infrastructure, but primarily when we farm intensively. Therefore, agriculture plays a major role when sustaining and protecting biodiversity. At the same time, especially in Denmark, farmers have a huge potential to create habitats for insects and increase nature rich areas within their farmland.

In the new initiative we want to focus on and praise the Danish farmers that have implemented great ideas for protecting and promoting biodiversity on their farms. It could be flower strips, leaving wood to decay or something new and creative.

A jury will nominate 3 of the initiatives and one will win the chance of having a FaunaPhotonics sensor in the field for the 2021 growing season. Read more about the initiative here.

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