Working with our fifth-generation insect sensor

Our sensor product transmits infrared, invisible light on flying insects and automatically detects the back reflected light of each individual insect.

This allows us to accurately measure the wing beat frequency, color and wing to body ratio of insects flying through the sensor’s monitoring volume.

Wing Beat Frequency


Wing to Body Ratio

Our analytical solution analyses insect sensor data and automatically classifies insects that are observed. Our technique can scout for many insect species at once providing real-time insights into in-field insect populations and activity. We validated our technique in laboratories using large numbers of live insects of known species.

Species specific insect activity data combined with time, geolocation and environmental data are an input to digital farming solutions. Our aim is to offer data integration between in-field sensors and farming software platforms.

Our systems are developed in collaboration with partners in the agricultural sector. By involving growers, agricultural consultants, corporate R&D and scientists in our technical development we assure solutions are developed along the needs of customers. An affordable sensor-based digital solution which allows precise, accurate and efficient insect monitoring will be greatly advantageous for growers worldwide.

Automated Data Collection

Machine Learning

Digital Platform Integration

Precision Spraying